South Shore Custom Homes, Inc.Why choose stick-built construction over modular?
Your housing needs, budget and time frame are all pertinent factors when determining whether to have your home stick-built on site or manufactured off site and delivered. Stick-built homes average 12-18 months of construction time with the option to change plans and make modifications during the process. Modular homes can be completed in as little as five months, but once the final drawings are submitted to the manufacturer, no changes can be made. Whatever you decide, and we will help you with this crucial decision, rest assured that we will ensure only the best in quality materials and construction methodologies.

Do you charge for consulting?
We offer a free initial consultation to help you determine what your specific needs are and to guide you in making the choices that are right for you.

Are you licensed and insured?
Yes!! We are licensed and insured in both Connecticut and Rhode Island and are covered under new home builders as well as remodeling.